Computers: the ultimate black hole


I keep reminding myself that my business is centered around the sewing machine not the computer, yet I keep finding myself spending large amounts of time at the computer screen “for the business”.   What’s up with that?

I note that its been a week since I last blogged and feel guilty.  Everyone knows that as a business owner, if you have a blog, you should BLOG!   Yet, if I spend all my time blogging, I won’t get any work done for Ideal Stitches and then I won’t have anything to blog about.  See the dilemma?  Actually this has been an incredible week.  I have three quilts finished, photographed and ready for customer pick up.  I have three more for this weeks stitch list.  Looks like a great week ahead at the sewing machine instead of the computer.

No, wait, I found out this week that my ISP is not allowing any of my outgoing emails to reach their destination.  I can receive email, I can write emails, I can even send emails.   The problems lies in the fact that they go NOWHERE!  So I do have a black hole at the computer to suck the time available to me this week for quilting!  GRRRRRRR.

I can not whine too loudly as I know that you also experience your fair share of computer frustrations.  Maybe I will just power the computer off and retreat to the quilting world for the afternoon and deal with the computer woes later!   Have a great Saturday.

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