Grandma’s Flowers


This quilt is quite a juxtaposition!  The customer brought me a stack of  her grandmother’s quilt blocks with the flowers done by hand applique but never finished into a quilt.  The blocks may be old enough to have original 30’s fabrics instead of reproduction fabrics.  She requested something VERY SIMPLE for her daughter who is in her young twenties.  When I asked about the daughters tastes, I found out that she is contemporary, and loves purple & black but wanted a quilt from her Grandmother.  To blend the old with the new, the tradtional with the contemporary and the hand applique work with the machine quilting, I chose a purple/black batik fabric.  I outlined the flowers and the blocks, did a whimsical free motion stitch in the sashing and had envisioned a lattice work behind the flowers but honored the customer’s request for “very simple”.  When the customer picked up her quilt she said it was a perfect blend of the grandmother and the daughter!