Stitched in Prayer


Every quilt has a story and that is what makes a quilt so much more than just a “blanket”.  This quilt was made by the customer for a friend who has been diagnosed with liver cancer.  She wanted her to have a quilt to wrap up in while she was being treated with chemotherapy.  As we discussed thread choices and quilting designs, the customer asked me to pray for her friend as I was quilting.  She said she had prayed during the piecing process and wanted to be able to tell her friend that it was “stitched in prayer”.  When she picked up the quilt, I told her due to the size of the quilt, I had plenty of time to pray for both her friend and for her as the giver of the prayer quilt.  I think we both cried over the quilt.  I know as a nurse, that this quilt is as effective a treatment as the chemotherapy.