Grandma’s Stars


Here is a restoration quilt that I have been working on.  The customer brought it with three rows of hand quilting complete and asked if I could finish the quilt. My first thought, “not by hand!”  Grandmother had made this quilt for the grand-daughter but had fallen ill and passed away before completing the quilt.  I was tasked with machine finishing the quilt in a style that blended with Grandma’s hand quilting.  The quilt was never intended for the quilt frame and so I had some unique challenges in loading the quilt.  I also had a conundrum to solve as the fabrics and piecing techniques from yesteryear had more give and take to them then that from today.  The custom quilting was done in an eggshell colored cotton thread and closely mimicked the hand quilting designs.  It timed out at 31 hours on the frame.

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