Kelly’s Squares


My daughter wanted to follow in my footsteps and make a quilt but the difference is that she did not want to find or follow a pattern.  She wanted to design one herself.  So I armed her with colored pencils and graph paper and told her to draw her design.  I showed her how to dissect it into blocks and sub units and add seam allowances and then figure yardage for each of the different fabrics.  She used the rotary cutter and sewed her blocks and quilt top.  I was so excited to find out how she was going to finish the project and machine quilt her top.  She said she was going to give it to me because I am the professional and have me finish it for her because I am her mom!  After that I couldn’t even charge her.

I used a pastel variegated thread on the top and we chose a whimsical pattern with lots of movement to break up the lines and the squares.  She wanted a warm and fluffy quilt so I put in TWO layers of poly batting.  On the back we went with a jewel tone variegated thread to pick up the colors of the dots on the black fabric.  What a great collaboration project!

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