Brown/Green Tablerunner


Occationally I will get small projects to quilt on my longarm.  This is a tablerunner that is intended as a gift.  I was told to quilt as desired, which is both exciting and scary.  I like to know how the client has envisioned the finished product so I can plan the quilting around their vision and a blank slate doesn’t give me much to start from.  So then I have to get my dry erase board out and start doodling and letting the creative juices flow.    Consequently, this type of quilting takes longer to plan than to actually quilt.

This table runner had large and small unpieced blocks.  I did an eight sided motif in the large block with an angular background filler.  The small blocks had round filler to match the pebbles in the print and the border had long flowing wavy lines to pick up the wood grain pattern in the fabric.  The thread was coordinating so the quilting actually shows better from the back side.

This was a fun project for both the client and myself and it has inspired me to start doing some tablerunners of my own.


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