Another Nimble Thimble


Quilters are notorious for their stash of fabric.  They are also quick to buy the latest in Sewing Gizmos and Gadgets.  Once I started quilting with a longarm and purchased an embroidery machine, I also had to have a huge collection of threads; fine threads, thick threads, shiny threads, matte threads, threads in every color.  Someone asked me the other day about my thread collection and I responded that when I am in the middle of a project and the creative juices are flowing, I want to be able to pick out the right thread in the right color, right in my studio and not have to wait to go shopping for it.  On a practical note, I was thankful last night when a portion of my sole came apart from my new sewing slippers as  I was able to get out a heavy-duty needle and black heavy thread and fix them like new.  Who would have thought that the Nimble Thimble would include cobbler skills.