DT TIME at Ideal Stitches


What is DT TIME?  Read on to find out!  I use to post DT time on Ideal Stitches Facebook and haven’t done it much lately.  I am bringing it back.  DT TIME could be Debbie Thornton Time or Discussion Topic Time, what ever fits! Quilting affords me time to reflect and think about a variety of subjects.  DT TIME is a place to share them with you and hopefully engage you in a dialogue. Today I was thinking about the incredible amount of math I use in my quilting, both geometry and algebra.  I remember telling my high school math teacher, Mr Hazelton, that I would never be using both geometry and algebra.  He just smiled.  I think he would be smiling today if he knew I am a professional quilter and getting quite proficient in mathematics.  What teacher did you have that made a profound impact in your life?

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