Surprise Quilt for Military Retirement


Military Retirement Quilt (front)          Military Retirement (back)


This was a collaboration and undercover (pun intended) operation of three quilters; wife, mother, and longarm quilter.   This very special quilt was designed and made for a Captain at his military retirement as a surprise.  The blocks were machine embroidered with custom colors and motifs from the 33 years of service.  The background was quilted with a variegated thread chosen to look camouflage.  The blocks were stitched in the ditch and outlined to show off the embroidery work.  The border was filled with swags and stars to commemorate the retirement celebration of service done well.  I was told that he got to see the quilt before the ceremony and told his wife that he would have cried on stage if she hadn’t shared it with him beforehand.  Quilting touches lives.

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