Handprint Memory Quilts


Handprint 1 (front)  Handprint 1 (back)  Handprint 2 (front)  Handprint 2 (back)  Handprint 3 (front)  Handprint 3 (back)  Handprint Close Up

What a wonderful project.  These three quilts were made from the shirts of my client’s uncle to make quilts from the aunt to her sons.  There were flannels, white dress shirts and heavy cotton shirts.  The backs were pieced from all the leftovers and included photo blocks and journal blocks.

The niece wanted handprints in the large white negative space; some large to represent the uncle and some smaller to represent the sons.  I used an outline of a hand print from my daughters boyfriend for the large print and then handprints from various children included my own hand print for the rest.  (the hand print in the photo is mine)  The quilting is done with a variegated cotton in the same colors as the shirts while the nine-patches are ditch-stitched.

I did the bindings with the rest of the shirt fabric as a scrappy binding and the result was fantastic.  The sons will be so excited to receive their memory quilt and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of this memorable project.

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