Ideal Stitches takes a CRASH


I found out yesterday just how much I am dependent upon electricity here at Ideal Stitches.  I was working frantically on my morning stitch list yesterday when the power shut off unexpectedly.  The weather outside was beautiful, cold and sunny!  I was in the middle of an online thread order and although my lap top has a back up battery, the router does not. (sigh)   Mickey was posed and ready to finish a quilt, the pattern up on the computer screen just waiting for replacement thread to be delivered and the whole automated system went out.  I figured out later that I had not set up the battery back up power strip correctly. (sigh)   I tried to think of something to do while I waited for the electricity to come back on.  Brainstorm, my Ideal Stitches Complimentary Quilt Bags, followed by brain fizzle as I wasn’t able to catch up embroidery work with out the electricity either.  Just when I thought I was going to have to break out candles and a hand sewing needle magically, the electricity was restored.  Back to the thread order which was timed out and had to be started over…..(sigh). and  My thread arrived shortly after the power was restored as luck would have it.  I only had about 30 minutes of quilting left.  It would have been great if I had finished it before the power outage because I spent  two hours restoring Mickey to pre electric crash status.  After I finished the quilt, I rerouted the electric cords so that next time my battery will take over.  In a perfect quilting world where the bobbin doesn’t run out, my battery would give me 15 minutes to finish, save or back up my work.  The great news is that I reloaded my quilt pattern and hooked back in with out loosing a stitch!  The quilt is finished and ready for binding and I am ready for a power outage.  You will be happy to know, I didn’t have to break down and use a hand needle either.