Hot Pink Steps


Pink Courthouse Steps (front)        Pink Courthouse Steps (back)         Pink Courthouse Steps Finished

I started this quilt because I am in a hot pink phase!  I loved the idea of making a quilt from Hot Pink, Stark White and Black.  When I had made just one square I was asked what I was going to do with the quilt when it was finished.  I responded that I was just enjoying the colors and she commissioned me to finish the quilt for her.  BAM!  It was sold.

I let my creative juices flow.  Some of the hot pinks border on red but just a bare few.  There is one punch of an almost solid black.  This was to keep the colors from looking one-dimensional.  I wanted borders but something different so I did a skinny strip of hot pink with a medium white border on two sides and a thicker black border on the remaining sides.  I had lots of whites and blacks left so I cut 17 inch squares to make the backing of the quilt.  When I quilted it, I used a neon pink thread.  I loved it on both the neutral colored backing and on the quilt top.  The client loves music so the edge to edge design features musical notes, bass clef and treble clef signs.

For those of you who are trying to figure out how it was pieced, the block is a traditional courthouse step block.  The center is white and each of the four sides are a different fabric.  The trick is getting the adjoining blocks to match up both on the sides and on the tops and bottoms.  I had so much fun making this quilt and it thrills me that it is bringing brightness and joy to my dear friend and client.


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