Ideal Stitches has a new stitch regulator


Lightning Stitch


When I added computer robotics to the Innova, I took the opportunity to upgrade my Pro-Stitch regulator to the Lightning Stitch.  All I can say is WOW.  The stitches are totally amazing!  It was a huge expense and I can see why.  One is in the quality of the stitch regulation and second is in what it took to get there.  We opened up Abby and took out the motor and replaced it with a new motor.  Likewise she got a new motherboard and all new wiring.

Keith from ABM told me it would be like getting a whole new machine except for the on and off switches.  Little did he know that I had ordered new switches as my on/off switch was getting temperamental.  We both laughed when I pulled them out of the parts box.  I also pulled out a replacement encoder as my horizontal encoder had a bad wire and had been rigged to work until I could replace it.  So Keith wasn’t kidding about a whole new machine.

While the ABM technicians were here, I had a client drop off a quilt order.  I met with her in the living room and I told her that she wouldn’t want to see the machine or she wouldn’t believe I could finish her quilt by Christmas.

I also added the Thread Break Sensor kit which senses a broken thread on the very next stitch.  What it means to my robotics is that it stops the system and alarms right on the stitch where the thread break happened. No more going through the software to match up the computer with the last stitch.  Fabulous!

Great new features.  I love the programmable stitch tie off, and the full stitch (needle down and needle up)  for thread pick up.  But best of all is the new basting stitches for 1 to 4 stitches per inch.  Now that I have the Lightning Stitch, I can say it is worth every expensive penny.

“The first of its kind! The most innovative feature revolutionizing the way we quilt includes a pc touchpad microcomputer with a brushless digital servo motor, servo amplifier, digitalmotion controller and software.Lightning Stitch converts a standard analog system to a digital system by replacing the standard motor with a digital brushless sercos based servo motor and control system. This motor and control combination can accelerate at a maximum of 600 r/s/s. For the quilter, this means amazingly perfect stitch regulation. Lightning Stitch’s extra features include pick up, tie off, sensitivity adjustment, and automated motor/needle sync.”