Even Ideal Stitches needs to do the mending!


Today was Mending Day at Ideal Stitches.   It’s the one thing in the sewing room that I never seem to get to.  I had clothes from the entire family, just waiting to be fixed.  I did make it to the bottom of the mending basket this afternoon and was able to do two simple creative projects to boot; a custom flannel pillowcase for my new travel size temprapedic pillow and a coordinating pocket for my sewing apron.

I put away my expensive computerized sewing and embroidery combo machine and pulled out my old Kenmore.  I had to smile and reminisce about my first purchased sewing machine.  When I bought it 25 years ago, it was cutting edge with~~~~~~~~wait for it~~~~~~~~24 stitches!  It was my very first machine to have a built-in zig-zag and button holer.   I quilted almost 25 quilts through that 5 inch throat before upgrading to a larger machine.  I have come a long way since then but I can’t let my Kenmore go.  Now it is my mending machine and the nostalgia of using it overrides the humdrum of mending clothes.

Now that the mending is done, let the QUILTING begin!!! 

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