Are you in a bind? Let Ideal Stitches help you out!


Do your unfinished quilts have you in a bind?   Learn how easy it is to bind your quilt and get that unfinished object off your list.    I am offering two separate binding classes; Basic and Advanced, to start your year off right.  You won’t want to miss either class!

BASIC BINDING CLASS                                                         January 25th    1-4 pm                                                                       $35.00 (includes kit)
Topics covered in the basic binding class include learning how to calculate fabric requirements for bindings, double fold continuous straight grain and bias bindings, how to sew bindings to the quilt sandwich including mitered corners as well as piped bindings, double sided bindings and accent fabric bindings.
This class also includes instruction on finishing your binding by hand or machine.

ADVANCED BINDING CLASS                                                February 22nd   1 -4 pm                                                                     $35.00 (class kit separate)
Finish your quilt with a flourish!  Learn how to make advanced edge finishes on quilts including scalloped, notched, knife edge and wavy. Variations included rounded corners, square corners, pointed ear corners and ice cream borders. You will also learn how to make single prairie point edging, continuous prairie point edging and how to add a flange to your binding.

After taking these classes, finishing your quilt may be come your favorite part of the quilt making process.  Sign up now if you are interested with Debbie at