Ideal Stitches is NOT missing in action, in fact, I have been hard at work on two custom quilts; photos soon to be released.  While I have been at the frame, my blogging is pitifully behind.  Time to catch up.

I have been doing a mixture of ruler work, free motion and robotics on my latest projects.   The results have been fantastic.  One project was my own Civil War quilt and the other is a 1930’s basket quilt that I hope to finish today.  I am having a blast with Mickey (my computerized quilter).

On Wednesday, I tried to multi task and start a machine embroidery project on another machine.  Two broken needles and a mishap where my project got pushed through the needle plate and I declared that I am a much better at quilting than embroidery.  Took my machine into work yesterday to have it checked and the Embroidery Queen and Digitizing Queen both said it was in the design as it was overly dense.  Going to try a new design today.  I will let you know what happens.

I am hoping to do the hand work on the binding for the basket quilt on Sunday as I watch the Super Bowl unless of course my productivity is epic and I am done before the Super Bowl party.  (smile).

Gotta get started today.  Be  on the lookout for custom quilting photos!


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