Valentine Hearts

Valentine Hearts

Valentine Hearts

Now that my gifts are delivered, I can post the picture with out spoiling the surprise.  I was able to dust off the embroidery module for my Brother Quattro and stitch a few towels to give on Valentines Day.   (shhhhhh, the secret is that they are belated Christmas gifts but with the hearts, they are camouflaged as a Valentine’s gift)

The first pattern I selected had triple the amount of stitches necessary for an embroidery design.  It didn’t end well;  the stitching was way too dense and the design was bullet proof. I know because the needle couldn’t even penetrate it.  I have since ran the design through my digitizing software to correct the stitch density but decided to choose another design for my towels.  It takes time to put that many stitches in and I didn’t have until Christmas!  LOL    Now, I like the whimsical hearts better than the initial choice.

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