Packing for Duty


As you know, Christmas is a very busy time for Ideal Stitches.  I am committed to finishing all my orders on time so that my  customers can deliver their quilted gifts.  Then my  personal Christmas preparations are always done in a frenzy!   This year I was enjoying the Christmas cards I received during the quiet time between Christmas and New Years when I discovered an envelope with Jury Summons in the stack and my first thought was:  “Since when does the Metro Court send Christmas wishes?”   My second though was, “Crud, I missed my jury summons, and now there is a bench warrant for my arrest.  Just great, I will be in jail doing hand stitching in 2014!”   Luckily it was time sensitive for the first of February.  Whew~~~was that a relief.  Now I am in the midst of being on call for jury duty. My plan is to pack my sewing machine and a UFO (Unfinished Object) just in case I get sequestered or want to make the case that as a small business owner, I have to keep working as my boss won’t give me a paycheck without any stitches.   

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