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AQS Albuquerque

AQS Albuquerque

Exciting News!   Next year AQS is coming to Albuquerque.  Wowza, a national quilt show right in my own backyard!   If you don’t know, AQS (American Quilter’s Society) started in Paducah exactly 30 years ago with their first quilt show.  Recently, they have been in four cities annually and 2014 they are expanding to seven cities, including the southwest.  This was their first time in Phoenix and it was a fabulous show.

I took at least 500  pictures of quilts and visited the vendors.  I even came home with some new quilting treasures despite my best resolutions.  I was able to take two classes under Lisa Sipes; Fabulous Fillers and Line it Up and a thread painting class from Nancy Prince.   I can’t wait to finish my longarm sampler and my thread painting wall hanging before they can become UFO’s.

Anyway, back to News!  Next year the Super Bowl is going to be in Phoenix and so AQS had to find another location.  It is going to be just fabulous to have AQS here in Albuquerque.  And since I won’t have travel costs, I may just be able to put another national quilt show on the calendar!!!

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