Memory Pocket Quilt


Memory Pocket Quilt (front)                   Memory Pocket Quilt (back)

Out of the scraps came this marvelous quilt.  Earlier this year, my client had put together three handprint memory quilts so that her aunt could give them to her sons to remember their father.   The aunt loved the quilts and as a surprise her niece used the scraps and put together a quilt for her aunt.   The back of the quilt was made from the labels from the shirt so nothing was wasted.

The large diamond has pockets from her uncle’s shirts.  I outlined them and then background stippled around them leaving the pockets open.  The nine patches reflect the nine patches on the previous quilts and I quilted them by stitching in the ditch.

Then the fun began.  I did a straight line stair step and echoed it in the large background area and then stippled up to the cross hatched border.  The cross hatching mimicked the flying geese. In the large background area between the center diamond and outer diamond, I quilted a wavy line and stippled on the side closest to the center diamond.  Lots of texture going on.

………and the aunt loved her very own memory quilt!!!



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