How did my stitch list get to be king size?


I took a brief vacation trip up to Taos to go camping last weekend.  Weather was just nice enough to not wear a jacket.  It was great to enjoy the southwest scenery especially the gorge and to visit New Mexican wineries.   A fabulous benefit was that I slept A LOT!  I didn’t realize how tired I was and how I needed the trip.

We returned home to celebrate Mother’s Day with the kids and just relaxed.  Good thing I didn’t look at my stitch list of things to do until Monday morning.  Eeeek!  Nothing to do but just start working my way down the list.   I finished a baby quilt including the binding and the label, caught up all the business emails, embroidered a few quilt bags for Ideal Stitches customers, and put together my thread order.   Before I could pat myself on the back, I noticed that Tuesday’s list was just as long. . . . . . . sigh!

I have lots of Ideal Stitches breaking news so stay tuned as catching up on my blog is now at the top of my stitch list!

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