Ideal Stitches is going back to College


Starting this week, I am taking classes at the community college to pursue an associates degree in Computer Science.

This all started when I wanted to take an Adobe Illustrator class to understand vectoring so that I can apply it to digitizing.  All my embroidery and longarm software are based on Illustrator so the class would be invaluable.  When I went to sign up, I found that the class had a pre requisite; Adobe Photoshop.   Okay, that would be a great class to take too.  It would help me with all my quilt photography and editing.  So I am on board with that.  However, Photoshop has a pre-requisite too; Intro to Computers.  Sigh!

So after doing the math~~~~ I found out that my very first class was 32 years ago.  Eeek.  How is that possible?  I am only 29!!!  Anyway, I took a BASIC programming class on a TRS-80 in high school, learned DOS and used 5 1/4 inch floppies and now find out that I have to register for a Intro class.

I thought about trying to CLEP out but decided that my learning and education skills may be a little rusty and it would benefit me to take the Intro class to get my feet wet again in the college setting.  Oh, and did I mention that I am not setting foot on campus, I am taking the class online.  Wow, things have certainly changed since I was in school!

Okay, so I start the registration process. . . . . not an incoming freshman that’s for sure.  I then was required to take the online orientation to CNM, set up MyCNM, register online, and pay for my classes online.  Then I shopped online to locate my books.  I also set up my CNM email account to show up on my smart phone.  Gosh, after all this computer work, I am almost ready to start the intro class.  (can you hear the sarcasm?)

Yesterday was the first day of classes.  I was unable to complete the first assignment.  What?  With all my computer conceit, I can’t even get through the first day?  I successfully set up and logged into MyITLab, found the tab for course materials but couldn’t find the assignment!   I did however find it in the grade book so I know it’s for real.

This morning I humbled myself to call the tech support people at the MyITLab.  They too could not find the assignment on the student page.  However, they did find it on the instructor page but it had been marked as “HIDDEN” or unable to be viewed by students.  Well, that kind of makes it hard to do the assignment!  They gave me the directions to change the setting to “SHOW” that I was to email to my instructor.

Maybe with all of that, I can get a few extra credit points, you think?



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