Ready for Shipping


Ready for Shipping

Here’s a picture of my Civil War quilt and my Flip Flop quilt ready for shipping to AQS National Quilt Show in Charlotte, North Carolina.   I actually shipped them yesterday and I admit its a little scary to send them off.   Something I learned about shipping quilts was to NOT write the word “QUILT” anywhere on the box.  AQS was very specific that the address label only include the initials.  Another important consideration was that the quilt be packaged in a plastic bag before boxing it up so that if the box inadvertently got wet the quilt would be protected.   And most important is that you can’t over label!  The quilt has my return address as well as the plastic bag and extra labels are also in the box.

So now they travel to the main warehouse in Paducah, Kentucky where they will be shipped with all the other quilts for the AQS show at the end of July.  The show is judged and at this point I am a semifinalist in two categories.  Many quilts don’t even get accepted for the show so am very honored to have two very different quilts representing myself and Ideal Stitches.   At this point the Flip Flop quilt will ship back to Albuquerque following the show and the Civil War quilt will go on to show at Grand Rapids, Michigan at the end of August.    It’s exciting to have quilts in National Competition and I will let you know how they do.

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