EQ7 Software Classes


I am finishing the prep work on my new class; EQ7 Basics, a quilt design software.  I have been itching to teach EQ7 for quite some time.  This class is going to be fabulous.   I am currently testing the computer to projector so that I can have the students follow along with a projection screen on their own laptops.  Lately I have had some technical issues with using a projector in class and may have to break down and purchase a projector with HDMI capabilities.  At this point teaching EQ7 is the easy part of class.

I am planning to use the basic class as a prerequisite class for all future EQ7 intermediate and advance classes.   Future classes will cover Quilt Design, Borders, T-shirt/Photo Quilt Layouts, Circular Quilts, Landscapes, Pieced drawing techniques for quilt blocks, applique, and more.


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