Quilt Therapy


I have been working on a memory quilt made out of men’s neckties for a while.  I have been a little frustrated with myself that it just wasn’t coming together.  I had found great backing fabric that featured airplanes on a black background that I was so excited about to honor this gentleman’s love of flying.  The huge task of prepping the ties was finished but I just couldn’t complete the top.

Sometimes the timing just has to be right.   Late last week I received news that a college friend who is also a pilot has stage 4 cancer.  WOW.  Hard to wrap my mind around that one.  He is my age and was a fighter pilot, the best of the best.   I spent a good 12 hours over the weekend working on the top, thinking about flying planes, remembering both of these men and working through the grief.  

Quilting is such amazing therapy.  Not only do I feel more relaxed and accepting of the loss of both of these pilots, I have a fantastic quilt top to show for it.  I am excited to get it on the frame in the next week and finish it!  I have the quilting all planned, again a positive result of Quilt Therapy.  I will post pictures as soon as it is finished!

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