Robbery at Ideal Stitches


I am only sharing this so that it doesn’t happen to you.   No matter how late or how tired you are when you get home, be sure to empty your vehicle of all important and valuable items.  A month ago, I was very tired and very late but also very careful to lock my car when I arrived home from a sewing lesson.  The next morning much to my dismay, my car had been broken into and my travel sewing machine and sewing kit had been stolen.  If I had been diligent the night before, I would have only lost a 5 dollar car charger.  (sigh)

If that wasn’t enough, the hassle for the last 4 weeks with the claims department for insurance has been a NIGHTMARE.  Why is it that then you have been victimized that they actually get paid to make you feel like you are the criminal?????

Finally, I got my insurance check.  I have replaced my NS40 with the NS40e.  I am so glad to have my “little brother” back!  I am in the process of putting together a new travel sewing kit.  For those of you that don’t sew, it includes cutting mats, rotary cutters, ironing mats, mini steam iron and numerous tools.  

Lesson learned!  


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