Spinning Plates


If life is like spinning plates then my blog plate is wobbling.  Gosh since I started the Photoshop class it has been the biggest time sponge!  I think I am working on classwork/homework 15 hours a week.   This week was particularly challenging as my laptop didn’t support the 3D part of the program and I had to do all my work at the computer lab.  Worked on classwork down at main campus Wednesday night and blocked off today to finish the 3D homework only to find out the only computers that support 3D are closed on Fridays.  I must have looked sadly overwhelmed as the lab monitor took pity and let me into the locked computer area to finish my homework.

I am hoping to hold it all together for a few more weeks and then my class is over.  It has been awesome and I have learned so much about Photoshop but the time commitment has been intense.   Next semester I am hoping to practice my skills on photoshop and apply them to my fabric studio software.  My goal is to design photo quilt blocks and print them on fabric to make photo memory quilts.   I already have a few projects that I would like to bring to fruition.

If I could figure out a way to put an extra day between Wednesday and Thursday to help me complete my work that would be great.  Even better would be an extra day on the weekends.

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