1923 Quilt


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Family w 1923 Quilt

1923's Quilt (front)

1923’s Quilt (front)

1923's Quilt (back)

1923’s Quilt (back)

History provided by my customer/friend Cheryl

“This quilt top was pieced in 1923 by my great grandmother Minerva Jane Holiday (1846–1930). This information was written on the back of one of the pieces near the center of the quilt (shown in photo below).  The top was sewn on a treadle sewing machine owned by my grandmother (Minerva’s daughter-in-law). Thankfully, my mother (Minerva’s granddaughter) had carefully stored the top for many years. I, Cheryl M. Ghanbari (great granddaughter) chose the backing and batting.  It was quilted by Debbie Thornton, Albuquerque, NM in June 2014.  The style for the quilting is close to how Minerva would have hand quilted at that time.  The fabrics in the quilt are from shirts that belonged to Minerva’s son  as well as her grandsons and granddaughter.

My uncle and my mother are shown in this photo of the unbound quilt.  My uncle is the same age as the quilt (91 years).  The family was financially challenged and this uncle slept in a twin bed with his grandmother (Minerva Holiday).  The bed they slept in is an iron bed painted white.  The bed is still in the family and the quilt will be displayed on the iron bed.”

The quilt was in surprisingly great condition.  I did an echo stitch to recreate the type of stitching characteristic of the 1920’s.  I also chose a cream/ecru thread.  The result on the front, although machine stitched, feels very 1923.   The pattern it made on the back is fantastic.   The timing was perfect as the Uncle did get to see the very quilt that his mother started the year he was born.

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