Recently I asked my quilting student if they “Pinterest”.   Most knew what pinterest is but some did not.  I love scrolling through pinterest.  Sometimes my interest lies in cooking, baking and smoothie recipes and sometime it is fashion, nails, make up and hair but mostly it is quilts, piecing, quilting and bindings.

It’s a great place to get ideas for teaching especially when the pinterest pins actually go out to  a true web page on that subject.   I also have an Ideal Stitches Board on Pinterest where I have pinned photos of quilts that I have done.   Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Georgia to commission me for a huge quilting project in 2017 because she found me on Pinterest!   Wowza.

That prompted to me push more current photos to my board.   Overall I have set up 79 boards with 17 thousand pins.  Eeek, does that mean I am addicted?  Maybe so, but there are worse things.   I will say that I don’t let it suck the time right out of me.  I tend to pin while I am on the treadmill each day as a way to keep myself distracted while I exercise.  Ironically I have very few pins to my fitness board.

It’s great that Pinterest can be tailored for the interests of each individual.  My husbands boards include woodworking and hunting while my daughter has a collection of Disney boards.   What is your interest?  Create a board and start pinning.   Speaking of which, it is time for me to get to the gym so I can get my daily dose of Pinterest.


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