Everything but the Quilting


I just recently had one of those days that was really everything but the quilting.  Sometimes you have to stop and get caught up on “everything”.

I started by tackling the paper tiger (the ever growing pile of paperwork on my desk!)  I had been feeding the tiger regularly; adding bills that needed to be paid, post it notes of bullet items that needed to be completed and papers that needed to taken care of and filed.  I think it was saber tooth tiger size when I got started.  Little things like activated a new credit card went quickly and smoothly but some things like paying bills led to filing, shredding and balancing the checkbook.  Almost 5 hours later I tamed the tiger!

Many of the items were directly related to Ideal Stitches such as filling batting and thread orders, invoicing and packaging a quilt to be mailed.   Some were actually items I could do in the studio rather than the office; fix one thread nest on back of recently completed quilt (not really quilting in my opinion), trimming and squaring up 132 Crown Royal blocks for a commissioned quilt, and turning & starching the edges of a stack of quilt labels.  At least I was wheere the quilting and creativity happens!  I also cleaned and organized the studio, a much needed task more so for my mental health than anything else.

Some items were indirectly related to Ideal Stitches such as grocery shopping.  Hey, I need to eat!   When I went to the kitchen to make the grocery list, the refrigerator was barren and empty.  What better time to clean it out and wipe all the shelves, right?   So I cleaned the refrigerator which motivated me to clean the kitchen before heading to the grocery store.   I think that would be described as ADD complicated by a compulsive disorder.

Then it was back to the office to digitize embroidered quilt labels for upcoming order, mobile deposits, and figuring yardage for backings and bindings that needed to be purchased.  With my list in hand, I called or emailed all the clients with orders that needed to be scheduled for pick up and I set up appointments for a yard service to quote work on the front yard.  Would I ever finish and get to quilting?

After dinner, I was ready to call it a day but I had one more item on my to do list…….load custom quilt and start basting and stitch in the ditch.    And it was moved to the start of the next day.  And so ends the day at Ideal Stitches that was everything but the quilting!

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