Photo Quilt

Photo Quilt
Photo Quilt (close up)

Photo Quilt (close up)

Can you believe the photo and the quilt block are printed?  I purchased a fabric printing system last year after my Houston quilt trip.  Took me almost a year to find the time to set up the pigma ink printer, load the driver and load the picture software.  The software; Fabric Studio, is much like photo shop in using layers to create your picture/fabric combination.  I was able to chose the fabric to “piece” my block and even go back and edit them to change the colors.  One fabric had lime green stripes that I substituted with pink to match the quilt.   Then the process of importing in the photos and cropping them to fit the block and then printing them on special paper backed fabric and heat setting them.

I made this quilt as a gift for a dear friend that was a foster mom to a special little girl. While in the process of adopting her, a distant relative stepped in and the courts sent her to live with her family.  My girl friend was heart broken and I decided to make this quilt as a special memory quilt.  Because the girl is in the foster system, I am not allowed to post any pictures of her to the internet or social media which now explains why the only photo is a close up.

You can see the stitching in the sashing and border with I did free hand and the stitching on the lines of the block to make it look like ditch work.  I can’t wait to start working on my next photo quilt project.

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