Trillium Bedspread

Trillium Bedspread

While this looks fairly simple it was anything but simple!  I was commissioned to make a bedspread for a dear elderly mom by her children.  I was given an almost upholstery like fabric and directions to round the two bottom corners, add a cream backing, and to not put a binding on it. To start out the top fabric was not wide enough and required two seams; both having the fabric print lined up like it was continuous.  I had to stitch the quilt around the perimeter stacking it inside out, flip it to the right side and seal the hole, all with out having any wrinkles or tucks in the three layers.  Then the challenge presented on how to load it to the frame with out having the extra fabric the backing usually has.   I  basted on temporary faux borders made from muslin to give me extra fabric for pinning and clamping.  But wait, two of the corners are round, and required basting on tear away stabilizer to square the corners.  I had marked the faux binding with a fabric marker at an half inch, and used the marking for indicators of the zone to sew the edge to edge pattern.  That was very doable until the rounded corners which required digitizing new stopping points to create the curve.  Because the stopping point for all the stitching was on the quilt, it required extra time to secure all the starts and stops.  I then took and top-stitched the faux binding.   All of this for a simple looking bedspread

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