Quilting prices are based per square inch of quilt top and type of quilting selected, starting at 0.025 cents up to 0.11 cents per square inch.  Types of quilting include meander quilting, edge to edge quilting, border to border, masking, custom quilting, and heirloom/show quilting.  Price can vary with the density and complexity of quilt pattern.

Thread is complimentary and includes cottons, polys, solids, variegated, metallic and monofilaments in a variety of thread weights.

Extra charges are applied for additional preparation work such as pressing, piecing or squaring up tops, backs or battings.

Ideal Stitches carries a large selection of Quilters Dream Battings for a reasonable price.

Bindings are charged by the linear inch and include bindings finished by machine or hand.

Wall Sleeve and Custom Embroidered Quilt Labels are available for an additional cost.

Please call Ideal Stitches for a free consultation on your quilt, 296 2690

Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, or Paypal.

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  1. I have a king size quilt that is already bound together but needs quilted. What’s an estimated cost? I know it varies but basic quilt pattern.


    • Let’s schedule a consultation so I can give you an estimate. Prices start at 0.02 per square inch and go up to 0.10 per square inch depending on the type of quilting you choose. Please call for an appointment at 505 296 2690.


  2. I have a baby blanket that needs the binding sewn around the sides. The corners and some of one side is sewn, however my previous sewing machine broke. How much would it cost?


  3. I would like to have 3 quilt tops done. I will need the batting for all three. As far as the design goes I will leave it up to you, because I have no idea what works with each one. I only ask that it is a small to medium design. I don’t want something with a large or extra large design. Quilt top sizes are 44 x 62, 68 x 88, 64 x 85. I have the backing for all three quilt tops. I also need to know if it is okay for my husband to drop them off as I am disabled. I hope you don’t mind talking on the phone, or e-mailing me. Thanks


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