Innova Longarm Machine
Longarm A La Carte Education Classes


Classes are by appointment        
Combination of Lecture, Demonstration and Hands-On Training
Class Size: Semi-Private, 1-2 Students
Price: $75.00 per person
Class Time: 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of students
Location: TBA
Contact me at to set up a class


Longarm Basics Learning the basics of longarm quilting.  Topics include maintenance, loading, basting, solving your tension headaches, troubleshooting and more.    Includes Lecture/Demonstration

Beyond the Basics Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your longarm quilting machine.  Topics include custom quilting, stitching hints, threads, battings, clamps, zippered leaders, and presser feet.  Includes Lecture/Demonstration

Robotics and Grand Format Embroidery Class is taught on the Innova Mach 3 Auto Pilot.   Learn how easy it is to use the computerized quilting system to do edge to edge, custom quilting including borders and blocks, embroidery, and machine applique. Includes Lecture/Demonstration/Hands-On Training  

Feather Fundamentals This class is devoted to learning all the basics of feathers.  Multiple variations of feather designs will be taught.   Includes Lecture/Drawing/Demonstration/Hands-On Quilting. 

Feathers and Beyond This class builds on the feather basic class and goes beyond the basics.  Includes Lecture/Drawing/Demonstration/Hands-On Quilting.  Class covers feather applications including borders, corners, blocks, triangles, irregular spaces, and all over fills.  Also included is how to embellish your feathers and make them uniquely your own.

Free Motion Quilting This class is full of free motion designs which can be used as all over patterns and/or background fills.  Includes Lecture/Drawing/Demonstration/Hands-On Quilting.

Border Expertise Learn the basics of free motion border and corners.  A wide variety of designs will be taught including what to do with wide borders. Includes Lecture/Drawing/Demonstration/Hands-On Quilting

Rulers and Templates Learn the basics of ruler work using both straight rulers and shaped templates.  Class includes using the ruler base, changing feet and tips for ruler quilting.   Also covers multiple ways to use your templates in your creative quilting. Includes Lecture/Drawing/Demonstration/Hands-On Quilting      

Specialty Rulers   The selection of specialty rulers can be overwhelming.  In this class a wide variety of rulers and templates will be demonstrated as well as how to use and apply these products in your quilting followed by hands-on training and coaching.  This is your opportunity to practice and receive instruction to find the right tool for your project.      

Hand Guided Pantographs Learn how to set up a hand guided pantograph, tips for quilting and realigning after advancing the quilt. Includes Lecture, Drawing, Demonstration, Hands-On Quilting

Thread Painting Learn the basics of thread painting.  Explore the possibilities of how thread can paint your fabric and enhance the design. Includes information on threads and techniques.    Includes Lecture, Drawing, Demonstration, Hands-On Quilting 

Beautiful Custom Borders This class will teach you how to quilt complex and custom borders.  Includes information and demonstration of tips, tricks, and tools to help you turn your borders from plain to spectacular.   Includes Lecture, Drawing, Demonstration, Hands-On Quilting

Doodle and Improv Quilting Discover how to combine your favorite designs to create your own personalized graffiti quilting.   Includes Lecture, Drawing, Demonstration, Hands-On Quilting

Stencil Creations Learn how stencils can be used as blocks, borders, and backgrounds and how to add additional designs and free motion quilting.  Featuring stencils from a variety of longarm quilters including Pam Clark, Cindi Needham and Jodi Robinson. Includes Lecture, Drawing, Demonstration, Hands-On Quilting

Creative Custom Quilting    Learn to incorporate the principles of quilting design and how they are used in your custom quilt.  From planning your quilting to picking quilting designs, this class will have you ready to stitch in no time.  Layouts, blocks, borders, and negative space will be covered as well as adding detail and design for a cohesive stunning quilt.

Divide and Quilt Large open spaces can be intimidating.  Learn to divide these spaces into smaller sections in a variety of ways so that you can then add dividing lines, beautiful quilting motifs and fills. 
Skinny Spaces and Sashes   Those small spaces on a quilt can be challenging to fill.  Not every border design works in thin areas.  Learn how to fill those skinny spaces and sashes with appropriate motifs and how to plan your quilting path.  A wide variety of sashing designs will be covered.

Lines plus More     Using straight lines can make a significant impact on your quilt.  Line work includes stitching in the ditch and cross hatching, but they can be so much more.  Learn how to use lines as their own amazing design elements. Includes Cross Hatching.

Grids and Latticework Create incredible texture in blocks, borders or as background fills.    Learn how easy it is to start with a grid foundation and add free motion quilting and fills to compose custom gridded designs.  Special segment on rulers, stencils and marking tools.  Crosshatching will also be covered, including straight, curvy and unique designs. 

Quilting Mandalas The beauty of a Mandala is in its symmetry.  Learn how to use stencils, grids and rulers to create designs for this beautiful circular quilting.  In addition, wholecloth quilting will be covered in this class.    
Innova Know your Machine Class New to your Innova longarm machine?  Then this is the class for you.  Usage, maintenance, bobbins, and the bobbin winder will be covered in this getting to know your machine class.
Innova Robotic Basic Usage Class Whether you purchased the Navigator or Auto Pilot robotic system for your Innova machine, this class is for you.  All the basics of the robotic software will be covered so that you learn each tool and how to apply it in a quilt.
Innova feet and how to use them The Innova Quilting machine has a variety of interchangeable feet available.  Learn how to change the feet as well as how and when to use each of the feet to your best advantage in quilting.   Feet covered include standard, ruler, trapunto, open toe and cup foot.  Also included are the echo feet and the couching feet.    


  • Novel Ways to use your Longarm
  • Getting the most out of Navigator

Online classes coming soon

Longarm Ala Carte classes are also available as private lessons. Contact me at for more information.

Due to the overwhelming success of the A la Carte program, I am fully booked throughout the fall months and not setting up class appointments until after the first of the year. Please check back then for class updates. I thank you for your interest and support in my longarm classes.