Longarm Classes in Houston

Longarm Classes in Houston


Claudia Pfeils Quilt pictured on the front of Machine Quilting Unlimited Nov/Dec 2015.  Pictured here with Debbie  Thornton of Ideal Stitches


My quilted sample from Claudia’s Free Motion Borders


Class samples from (P)fun (P)feiling (P)feathers class.


Debbie Thornton and Dusty Farrell (instructor)


Dusty’s sample for the class, Tattooed in Thread


My sample from the Tattooed in Thread class


Teachers sample from Myrna Fickens Modern Quilt Fillers Class


My sample from the Modern Quilt Fillers class.

I had a fantastic time in Houston taking four longarm classes.   Each was extremely valuable and a magnificent learning experience.   I have included pictures of the samples I made in class.  I am going to reload them on my frame in the studio and continue stitching on them and I will add them to the blog when they are finished.  Continuing Education is probably the primary reason that I attend National Quilt Shows.  Classes  the opportunity to see award winning quilts in person are beneficial and worthwhile to my creative process as an instructor and longarm quilting artist.

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