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  1. I just received the following email. “I just opened the box and the wall hanging is gorgeous!! The quilting with the doves is beautiful and just perfect. And your handwork on the hanging sleeve and binding is superb. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous piece and for being so easy to work with. PW”

  2. I’m very happy to have found Debbie. She is so talented and I love the work she’s done on numerous quilts for me.
    It’s easy to drop off/ pick up the quilts at her house. I like how she has the form to fill out with all the questions pertaining to how the quilts should be finished..very helpful to get just what you want.
    I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a quilt finished or have a quilt made.

  3. My sister was delighted at her t-shirt quilt! Debbie did such a great job! She asked many questions to make sure that she created what my sister was looking for. I was impressed since there were many questions I would not have known about. It is certainly a custom creation and it is beautiful. Thank you!

  4. I was finally able to give my sister-in-law her quilt yesterday. I could hardly wait any longer, she was overwhelmed, she recognized her son’s T-shirt s. Thank You for helping me to get her quilt made. I heard her say she wants to hold it to feel him close. She loved the motorcycle quilting. Debbie, you have a talent that helps people feel so many emotions that can help them, when they really need some comfort. Thank You, JM

  5. I’m just a new quilter starting out, and Debbie does AWESOME and beautiful work! We just got five quilts back and they came out wonderful! Professional and neat work. She is fabulous!

  6. Debbie has quilted a variety of quilts for me–baby, lap, queen-sized–all with perfection and quality. I do a lot of delicate piecing and Debbie’s choice of thread and pattern work perfectly to make my quilt designs and piecing shine. I heartily recommend Debbie as a first-class quilter.

  7. I have had Debbie my special heirloom quilts as she was recommended by an experience FELLOW QUILTER. I was
    THRILLED by how she worked creatively worked on them that transformed them by adding designs that brought them to another level by the designs. She gives here work meticulous care and goes extra mile. Her equipment is the latest and she offers great range of designs on her computer set up. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants a high standard of work.

  8. Debbie does excellent work! Creative ideas for quilting design. I’ve enjoyed her easy going personality and flexibility for drop off and pick up. I have 4 quilts in the queue right now. 😊

  9. I am in awe of Debbie’s long arm skills. I always ask her to pick the pattern and thread color used to finish my quilts, and she always selects just the right ones to make the quilts look amazing. Her sewing knowledge is also impressive. She has often suggested methods to help me out of problem situations (of my own making.) Thanks, Debbie.

  10. I’ve been quilting for over 35 years & thought my work was good, until I asked Debbie to help me with a large quilt. She was fantastic. The life she gave to the quilt was amazing. Goodbye long arm,
    Hello Debbie

  11. I have a Hawaiian quilt that I hand appliquéd that has been finished for years – I have my own long arm machine and have finished many of my own quilts, but didn’t feel that I could do the quilt justice, so I took it to Debbie. She did amazing custom echo quilting and beautiful work in the surrounding spaces. I would have no reservations in recommending her whole heartedly and will return in the future with my next difficult project!

    • I was thrilled with the quilting that Debbie did on my quilt. I asked for horse design and she researched until she found the perfect design. I do my own quilting on small projects but for my larger projects I trust Debbie.

  12. Mark gave us the T-shirt quilts that you made in Marky’s memory at our Family Christmas Gathering. There was not a dry eye in the house! The quilts are absolutely amazing….Marky’s fiance said it was “The Best Christmas Gift She ever Received!” Thank You for helping us preserve Mark’s memory in such beautiful way!

  13. I gave both of my daughters memory quilts made by Ideal Stitches for Christmas to celebrate each daughter and the grandmother that they both dearly loved. Tears flowed from my daughters as well as their husbands when they opened their gifts. What a fabulous way to remember their grandmother. A particular favorite was a “Bad Hair Day” block which was a made from a favorite shirt of their granddmothers. Debbie was able to digitally duplicate it so both girls had that square on their quilt. We also had softball jerseys, swimming jerseys, college and high school memories all artistically designed by Debbie. Priceless to all of us. The quilting was showcased on the back of the quilts, a pagoda for one daughter and fireworks for the other chosen to represent special events in their lives. A precious gift to all of us. Thank you my friend

  14. WOW!!!! You did a beautiful job Debbie! I bet your customer will be brought to tears when she sees it! You are so talented and I am so glad to be your sewing buddy!

  15. I brought my antique quilt tops to Ideal Stitches to be finished. They are even more beautiful ‘in person’! Thank you for bringing life and purpose to these tops!

  16. Debbie you never fail to be the talented person who can make any quilt top look like a work of art. Thanks for all the mistakes you have covered up for me with your skills. You are the best Debbie.

  17. I know how you go above and beyond to give your customers what they want and I know this quilt owner appreciates what you did. Beautiful Quilting

  18. Debbie, I keep forgetting to tell you how much my MIL loved the silk quilt you made. She was stunned silent, which is not an every day occurance! She went on and on about how beautiful it was and how amazing it looked and how much she loved it. She sent me a card with a picture of her covered up in the quilt and she is using it everyday to cuddle up and read on the sofa. Thank you again for all the time and energy you put into making it for us…you’re the best! 🙂 JRuddy

  19. I have been going to Debbie for over 5 years. Her work makes quilts come alive. I can’t imagine having anyone else working on my quilts. Her custom work is absolutely gorgeous.

  20. Debbie did a lovely job on quilting the baby quilt Id made for my granddaughter and she was kind enough to get it completed in time for the baby shower!

    • Debbie takes my quilts and makes them beautiful. Her custom work on my landscape quilts is excellent. She is knowlegeable about so many aspects of quilting and art. One of the things I most love is that when I give her a quilt that will be a gift she always asks about the interests of the recipient, so that she can choose the perfect panograph for them. Her design skills are amazing. I have trusted Debbie with my quilts for over a decade.

  21. I have been going to Debbie for over 12 years. I can’t imagine anyone else handling my quilts. Her work is impeccable and she is very professional. She brings personality to my quilts. But she not only makes your quilts beautiful there have been times i had questions on a sewing project and she took the time to help me out. She is the BEST!!

  22. Debbie has made two quilts for me and I treasure both of them! My sister-in-law was a quilter who worked with Debbie on several family quilts and every one was beautiful!

  23. Debbie has done 2 quilt projects for me. I inherited a hand applique quilt top done by a friend in the 60s. I was concerned about the sturdiness of the top, but Debbie did a remarkable custom quiling that enhanced the poppies in the pattern without disturbing the original hand qork. Then, she exploded the background with custom stitching. It’s so beautiful that I won’t use it, but will hang it so it’s always safe. My second project was a recovery from a damaged duvet I brought to Debbie to see what could be done. Using the top of the duvet, Debbie saved it by using a snazzy bright backing and longarm machine hummingbird pattern. The tight stitching saved the original cover so it can now be enjoyed. I’ve looked at all the projects on Debbies site. I can do only basic sewing, but I recognize both the exceptional skills and artistry that Debbie puts into every project. I have total trust in her ability to customize every project so that it’s the very best result and each project becomes a family treasure.

  24. Debbie is my only choice for longarm quilting. She is wonderful to work with, listens to your desires, and has a great eye for color and patterns to complement your quilt piecing. She has done several quilts for me and I have been thrilled with every one.

  25. Debbie is my only choice for long-arm quilting. She is wonderful to work with, listens to your desires and makes suggestions that are spot on. She has finished several quilts for me and I have been thrilled with every one.

  26. Debbie is simply amazing! I have been taking her my art quilts and denim picnic quilts for many years. I give her my humble efforts and she transforms them into works of art. Once she even did a king sized quilt for me that was made from upholstery fabric. She is a master artist! Often I tell her “just quilt it however you think best” because I trust her that much! She gives good advice. She does beautiful work. Debbie is a treasure!

  27. I was so nervous when I first took some tops to Debbie to quilt for me. My mom had died n I found things she had started. It was so beautiful when she finished I could never have imagined! I cried so hard n when I look at it now I still cry. I decided to make a few more to leave my daughter n grandkids n great grandkids n few close friends when I die. They may not be fancy since I’m learning but I am excited to see them when she gets them finished. So exciting! She does perfection work.

  28. Debbie is the best! She lets the quilt top speak to her before she does any stitching. I have had both custom and edge to edge quilting done and I am over the moon happy with every quilt!

  29. Debbie always does exactly what I want on my quilts and they always look wonderful. I am very picky person and I am always very pleased. I have recommended her to my friends.

  30. Thank you for your work on this quilt. The back is every bit as gorgeous as the front. The all over pattern you suggested is perfect. I love the gold thread on the black fabric. From plain to exquisite. My Mom will be beyond thrilled.

  31. Best. Longarm Quilter. Period.
    Debbie gives great advice on what thread colors and designs to use, and my quilts always turn out more beautiful than I imagined. She’s been my LAQ for about 10 years now.
    Quality work and super friendly.

  32. When my husband passed I had Debbie make
    Three memory quilts for us. The rodeo shirts for my daughter. The business shirts for my son and the golf shirts for me. All were beautifully crafted and painstakingly perfect. They are hanging in each respected home on the walls.
    I would highly recommend Debbie. For her wonderful work, great suggesting and patience

  33. Debbie is incredible at what she does, her work is impeccable. She takes the time to listen to what you want and makes notes. She is very thorough with explaining exactly what will be done and she helps guide you in the right direction to getting a completed quilt that looks amazing. Debbie is very passionate about her work and making sure she turns work out that is spectacular. I can not say enough positive things about this lady!!! Love Love Love

  34. Debbie, you quilted a tie quilt I had made for my son with his Dad’s ties and one for his wife that had Christian verses and sayings (this one was done on a rush basis for Christmas last year), Didn’t see either on the website but wanted you to know I was extremely pleased and they were also. Not the best piecing but done with love and and the quilting was magnificent. I am now working on a Sunbonnet Sue and will definitely be in contact. Thank you.

    • I blog about each and every quilt that comes through my studio. The blog is behind current time so that all gift giving opportunities have past and I don’t spoil any surprise quilts! Yours is scheduled for Jan 7, however the picture is already posted in the Quilt Gallery under Customer Quilts.

  35. Debbie quilted my Enchanted Stars quilt and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. She did an amazing job! I will definitely call her again.

  36. Debbie, since I rarely get to see you, just wanted you to know that I took some time the other day to look at your website and the gorgeous quilts you have quilted. They are absolutely beautiful. Your patience and expertise shows up really great on those quilts. Good going girl!


  37. Debbie is a long-arm artist + offers creative suggestions that could enhance your quilts. She’s patient during the consulting appointment and will demonstrate several pattern, batting + thread options available to make your quilt sing. She treats all pieces with care. Her work is neat and accurate. Her in-house studio is bright and orderly. She is located in the NE heights near Sunset Mesa School. I recommend scheduling a date to discuss your ideas and getting on her calendar . I have been delighted with the quilting that she has done for me. Her prices are fair. Her quilting work is beautiful. The final results are works of art. I highly recommend Ideal Stitches to those who want quality results jtl

  38. Debbie quilted a panel quilt featuring a wolf in the woods. It is remarkably real. I can hardly fathom her talent in bringing him to life. Thank you so much.

  39. I had an absolutely perfect experience with Debbie. I treasure each and every one of my quilts, so I only want the best when it comes to finishing my work. I just happened to hear about Debbie when I was having an issue finding someone who could meet my standards. Was I lucky! Her work on my quilt (which another person said was “too complicated”) was just what I had hoped for. You can bet I’ll be using Debbie in the future. Thanks Debbie! Susie.

  40. This summer I agreed to our home being in the Holiday Home Tour in the Colorado Springs area. Having lived in Albuquerque before we moved, Debbie has been my “super pro” quilter for years. I went to her and told her that I wanted to feature quilts as a part of the home tour, and had great plans to complete a number of large quilts. Debbie teamed with me and has been awesome. She knows just what is right for a quilt–the design, the thread and all! And now with only a month before we start the decorating, she has quilted two bed quilts, two throws, and one large appliqué custom wall hanging. And they are so beautiful that I know they will “steal the show”. Thank you, Debbie!!

  41. What a treasure! Debbie does such beautiful work and my quilts came back just looking wonderful.
    One was an overall and matched the design so well the other was quilted individually in each block which was trees. The fir tree leaps off the quilt with the realistic stitching. I am so pleased and would say Debbie devotes as much love and time in quilting as you do in piecing the quilt. Robin T

  42. This was my first quilt done by Debbie and I loved it. We had decided on a design from her inventory when I left her house however it was not what I wanted from the start. Debbie spent two days looking for the design I wanted on-line and found the perfect Swan for my daughter-in-law’s quilt. I truly appreciate her taking the time to give me what I envisioned. She went above and beyond to satisfy the customer and it shows in her outstanding work. Thank you.
    Teresa P

  43. Debbie has worked with me on more than a dozen quilts over a number of years. She has been wonderful: she examines the quilt top, talks with me about possible quilting patterns based on the design and the purpose of the quilt, helps select batting and threads to complement the top, establishes with me a time frame for completing it, and has always delivered above and beyond expectations. She is a pleasure to work with and her vision and creativity I value greatly. Her skill, workmanship and expertise make the final product as much hers as mine, and I cannot recommend her and her work more highly.

  44. Debbie was referred to me by a good friend. She was able to meet my short turnaround time. She made my quilt beautiful with her quilting expertise and our granddaughter was thrilled with it. She also gives very precise yardage needs for binding.

  45. Debbie has done the quilting on a number of my quilt tops, and her work is always flawless. I’ve even had her apply the binding on a couple of them and I’ve been very pleased with the result. It is always a pleasure to deal with her. Debbie is generous with her time and knowledge, giving advice whenever she’s asked. I am always delighted with her work on my quilts, and with the tips and pointers she gives me about all aspects of quilting.

  46. Debbie is great! She is very professional, organized and creative. The quilts that she has quilted for me came out very nice indeed. I was very pleased with her work. She knows her stuff.

  47. Debbie has done four quilts for me and they are all masterpieces. She does the best quilting ever, she allows you to be creative in your choices and helps if you need it, she is the one to go to for a quality quilt.

  48. I love taking my quilt tops to Debbie and getting back a most marvelous quilt. I could use all
    the superlatives that others have used to describe the custom quilting that Debbie has done
    on my quilts. However, on my latest quilt, Zia, Debbie has added the WOW factor. The quilt top
    was beautiful (I can say that as Linda H picked out most of the colors), but with Debbie’s
    quilting, it is WOW now. The amount of research, thought and care shows in all the
    details. Thank you.

  49. We think the quilt is beautiful. the colors go really well with our room decor and bedding. I appreciate the slivery glint of the metallic thread for the snowflake stitching. It is beautiful! Thank you so much for your patience with us.. Your handwork is wonderful. We are grateful for the quilt. It is heavy but I haven’t had a quilt in so long that I forgot what it would feel like!
    We appreciate your work.

  50. I believe it was during the mid-1940s to early-1960s that my mother and my grandmother made several quilts which were well-used over the years, then handed down. Those quilts now showing some wear, have only been used sparingly in order to preserve as long as possible. Upon my mother’s death, however, I discovered several beautiful quilt tops from that same era and was determined to have them finished to continue their legacy.

    This past Christmas, my two daughters and I received our ‘ancestry’ quilts with the help and talents of Debbie. I hope Debbie will share pictures of these completed quilts, because my words can not adequately describe the beauty all three women contributed to these fabulous quilts! The quilt tops were originally made for a double-sized bed and Debbie added borders to make the finished size for queen beds. Throughout the consultation time – discussing fabric colors for the backs, color threads, quilting patterns, etc. – every decision was made easy with Debbie’s expertise and recommendations, and her completion and delivery times (to California) were as promised!

    Most wonderful of all for me . . . every night when I crawl into bed under my new/old quilt, I feel the comforting, loving hands of my mother and grandmother. My mother was a ‘master’ seamstress and almost every morning while making the bed, I will have memories from various pieces of the quilt, reflecting on some of the clothing she made us during those years; one piece of fabric, in particular, is from a dress I remember my mom wearing.

    Debbie’s talents and expertise may produce AMAZING quilts, but for me she also gave me loving memories! Thank you so much!

  51. Debbie, I received the quilts yesterday and finally had an opportunity last evening to look at them all. They are FANTASTIC … So beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your extraordinary talent!! The quilts turned out more beautiful and special than I could even imagine!

  52. Love Debbie she is as excited about my quilts as I am. Wonderful suggestions that make the quilt even better that I had envisioned it.

  53. When my husband retired we needed a place for his very large collection of ties. A friend recommended Debbie as someone who could make this idea a reality. The finished product is amazing! The quilt with all the ties is a true piece of art. We absolutely love it and all we have shown it to are amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship that went into this monumental work. The back is as spectacular as the front, made entirely from the tail ends of the ties that create the front. It is truly a remarkable and unique remembrance of his job.

  54. I have just started using Ideal Stitches after a recommendation by a friend. I was impressed by the amount of time I had to talk with Debbie to go through the multitude of designs to find just the right one. She reviewed her process, cost, and timing. As I needed this first piece quickly, it was ready before estimated. She now has a second top that will arrive after the Christmas rush making the New Year bright. I have already given her information to others!

  55. Debbie is a true professional and very well organized. She completes each quilting job in a timely manner and often earlier than the pre-planned deadline. She is also a quilt artist and makes beautiful quilt designs. Perhaps more important to me personally is that Debbie truly cares about quilts and the people with whom she works. For these reasons, Debbie quilts all of my quilts.

  56. Beautiful, artistic quilting comes from Debbie’s heart and hands every time. She is a true professional. Finishes on time or ahead of time with a great product. I always trust her instincts for finishing a quilt. Thank you, Debbie!

  57. I t was by chance that I met Debbie and my good luck to ask her to do one of my quilts. She assisted me with picking the perfect thread color and pattern. Sometimes I think my quilts are so average but when she is done with them they are truly a work of art. She has finished three of my quilts and has another ready to go. I have found the perfect person to finish my quilts. I would not go to anyone else. She is very professional and organized-has a wonderful worksheet that she uses when planning the work. Thank you Debbie.

  58. As a quilter, there is much thought and work that goes into the selection of pattern, fabric, colors, and piecing and it is difficult to place pieced work into the hands of another. However, once I saw the quilting completed by Debbie on my work, I was over-joyed with her professionalism, as if she had personally started the quilt herself. Debbie takes pride in her work and it definitely shows in the results. Thank you Debbie. Don’t get tired of me as we are going to be quilt partners for as long as you are willing to keep me as a customer but especially as a friend. God bless you Debbie!

  59. Yesterday Debbie spent the day training me on my Innova longarm machine. It was thorough and she covered things that I didn’t know about the operation, maintenance and use of my machine. I feel more confident and energized. Thanks Debbie!

  60. Debbie Thornton is an outstanding quilter. She is creative and always does a great job on my quilts. I let her select pattern and thread color and I always love what she creates for me.

  61. I can’t even remember how many beautiful quilts Debbie has made “come to life” for me. I have been taking my quilts to her for over 4 years. I remember that it has been over 4 yrs because I was still working when I started going to her and I am now retired almost 4 yrs in Feb.

    I really appreciate Debbie because when I take her one of my quilts she takes the time to review the quilt with me, she spends time picking the right thread colors to coordinate with my quilt. She takes her time to look up specific patterns that would best suit my quilt. I just love her business sense, her warm nature, her professionalism and still remains friendly and very easy to talk to about your quilt or any subject for that matter.

    On many occasions Debbie has assisted me on numerous “quick tips” in perfecting my quilting techniques. She taught me how to finish off my binding, which I was having problems with. I like that she is well rounded in not only quilting, but in machine embroidery as well. I often pick her brain on improving my embroidery projects.

    I have lived in Albuquerque for almost 20 yrs and have gone to numerous long arm quilters, but no one stands up to Debbie. She is the best I have ever encountered, so if you are having reservations or looking for a person to finish up your quilt, don’t hesitate to contact her. You will immediately feel at ease with her and the product is exquisite. Like I said, she makes my quilts come to life. They look so beautiful and professional I just love all my quilts.

    So a great big “THANK YOU” to Debbie. So happy I am very thankful that I ran into her mother at Jo-Ann’s all those many years ago!!!!

  62. Hi Debbie.
    I rushed home + went over the quilt with a fine tooth comb + my magnifying glass.

    Your quilting design + execution on my Springtime quilt is B E A U T I F U L .

    Thank you for finishing it in such a fine + detailed manner.
    It is the masterpiece that I knew it could be.

    I love it.
    My family loves it.

    I knew you would transform this into my vision – and you surpassed my dreams.

    Thank you very much.
    I appreciate that you put as much time + effort into my quilts as I do.
    It shows.


    • Debbie’s work is pure perfection! She has transformed two of my Mom’s roughly made quilt tops into works of art. She is also incredibly compassionate, realizing each piecing of fabric holds memories of loved ones. I always know I can trust her with my heirlooms.

  63. My Mother in Law got my Mariner’s Compass to me last weekend when we met in Roswell. OH MY GOSH!! The quilting is FABULOUS!! I can’t say enough!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to bind it! My father-in-law wants me to enter it in a quilt show, says it is a blue ribbon quilt!

    We are a good team!! Thanks so much!

    P. K.

  64. I have had Debbie make six quilts for me, three t-shirt memory quilts, two baby quilts, and a tie quilt. All of them more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

    Debbie is the only quilter I would ever have make a quilt for me. She is very professional, and full of creative ideas which she passionately pours into every quilt.

    If you want a quality quilt made by a passionate professional that you will be proud to own, Debbie is the quilter to go to.

    • My husband and I were delighted with our experience with Debbie. She was easy to talk to, considering we are not familiar with fibers or sewing or the art of quilting. She was recommended as a long-arm expert by the quilt shop in the town where we live when we were seeking mending for our “well-loved” quilt.

      Debbie was clear and informative about how she would proceed and about the expected time-table, which she stuck to. She was thoughtful in her search for a fabric that would work. The binding has a subtle, lovely design and coordinates well with the overall pattern of our quilt. She explained about her technique in repairing the binding and how durable it would be. As it happens, the binding accents the bedskirt we use.

      We are pleased with her hard work and careful decisions. Even this small job required artistry and a professional approach. The cost was more than reasonable.

      The quilts she had on display in her well-equipped work room were exciting deigns and beautiful.

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