I specialize in a variety of memory quilts.  In addition to T-shirt quilts, I have made memory quilts out of baby clothes, clothing from loved ones, neckties, and Crown Royal bags.  Please see photos in the Memory Quilt section of my Quilt Gallery.

This comment was from a recent client after picking up a quilt made from her mother’s clothing.

My dad LOVES his quilt. We all did.  Thank you for the thoughtfulness you put into the quilt capturing the precious memories of my mom. ❤️ “

From this, a basket or bag of clothing:

to this, a finished quilt full of memories:

You bring me the clothes and I will turn them into a beautiful memory quilt.

All quilts are made using cotton fabric for the sashing, backing and batting, and are machine quilted in a meandering or edge to edge pattern which covers the entire t-shirt block for stability – my quilts are not tied! This quilting method results in an extremely attractive texture and provides exceptional stability.

Please allow at least 4 months for construction and quilting. Waiting time may be extended depending on the number of memory quilt orders in the queue.

I offer two styles of t-shirt quilts: either with or without sashing.

A Traditional t-shirt quilt means that the shirts are all cut the same size. The shirts are arranged in a grid pattern and have sashing between the blocks. The quilt is then machine quilted. The price is determined by the number of T-shirts. The pricing is based on a 14″ square t-shirt block with 1 1/2″ sashing and 2″ borders.

A variation on the traditional T shirt quilt is to omit the sashing and sew the T shirt blocks together.  The finished size will be smaller than the size listed for the same number of blocks with sashing.

Pocket logos can be used but will be pieced together to make a “4-patch” square block.  Two horizontal t shirt designs can also be sewn together to make a 14″ square block.


Preparation – At Ideal Stitches, all t-shirts are specially prepared with a lightweight fusible backing to prevent stretching. This process also helps to fill small holes and stops any runs and will help preserve some your best loved, but very worn shirts!

Design – A great deal of time is spent arranging your shirts and selecting the sashing color (the fabric that goes between your shirts) to ensure the most attractive layout and color combination for your quilt.

Attention to Detail – I take great care to ensure each t-shirt design is aligned correctly, centered and straight. This is what makes the difference between an attractive looking quilt and one that looks off center or crooked.

Materials – Premium 100% cotton fabric is used in my quilts for the sashing, backing and binding. The batting is an 80/20 cotton/poly blend which gives your quilt a smooth, soft look and accents the machine quilting. Many other t-shirt quilt companies charge extra for fabric or require you to provide your own fabric. My price includes the sashing, batting, backing fabric – I provide everything but your shirts!

BindingYour quilt is finished with a double folded fabric binding that is machine finished. The edges of your quilt are subject to wear and this type of binding is very neat and more durable than a single layer binding.

Machine Quilting

Many t-shirt quilt companies do not quilt their quilts in an all-over pattern. They may sandwich the layers together by hand tying, spot tacking, or simply by stitching in the seams that join the shirts. This can result in sagging, bunching, and a generally unstable quilt. My quilts are beautifully machine quilted throughout each t-shirt block for durability and strength. An all over pattern is quilted throughout each t-shirt block with either an invisible poly thread or complementary thin colored thread so the stitching does not interfere with the t-shirt design.  This quilting method results in an incredibly attractive, stable quilt.

Customer Service

I pride myself on my high level of customer service. I understand that you are anxious about sending your treasured memories in the mail and want you to be comfortable knowing that at Ideal Stitches your T-shirts will be handled with extreme care. I will let you know when your shirts arrive, the expected completion date, when I’ve begun work on your quilt, and when your quilt is completed and ready to ship. I will contact you with any questions along the way to make sure your quilt is made according to your wishes.

All quilts are shipped insured with tracking information and signature confirmation on delivery.


With all the excellent features and quality workmanship that Ideal Stitches offers, you would expect my quilts to be expensive …. but when you compare what other t-shirt quilt companies offer …. to the quality, attention to detail and customer service that you will receive at Ideal Stitches, you will agree that a t-shirt quilt made by Ideal Stitches is a terrific value!

Please see below for T shirt quilt pricing.


Your shirts should be washed and in good condition.  The interfacing that is used to stabilize your quilts will fill in any small holes very nicely.

Please do not cut your shirts.  Cut shirts are sometimes difficult to work with and often are cut too small and must be modified to fit into the quilt design.

To indicate which side of a shirt to use, place a safety pin on the side or both side that you would like to see in the quilt, or an easier way is to bundle the shirts together by which side you would like used and put them in separate bags, one for “front side only”, “back only” or “both sides.”

All you need to do is schedule a drop off. There is no additional charge for fabric, batting, backing or machine quilting – I provide everything to make your quilt – and it is all included in my price.

Memory Quilt Prices

Traditional T-Shirt QuiltA Traditional T-shirt quilt is made up of shirts that are all cut the same size, set in a grid pattern with sashing fabric between the blocks.   Select the number of shirts you would like in your quilt. Each side of a shirt counts as one shirt, for example, to use the front and back of a shirt, it counts as 2 shirts.  (Please note that if you want your blocks pieced it is an additional 100-dollar charge). The price includes sashing fabric, border fabric, backing fabric, binding fabric, batting, T-shirt stabilizer, thread, labor for shirt prep, piecing, quilting, and binding.  You supply the T-Shirts.  Price includes edge to edge quilting.  Custom quilting will require an upcharge. The prices below are based on approximately 14-inch blocks.

Memorial Quilt #1
Grandson Quilt
Memorial T Shirt Quilt (front)
Memorial T Shirt Quilt (front)

12 shirts – approx. 64″ x 80″ quilt – (throw size) $400

16 shirts – approx. 80″ x 80″ quilt – (stadium size) $450

20 shirts – approx. 80″ x 98 quilt – (queen size) $500

25 shirts – approx. 98″ x 98″ quilt – (large queen size) $550

30 shirts – approx. 98″ x 115″ quilt – (king size) $600

36 shirts – approx. 115″ x 115″ quilt – (large king size) $650


Necktie Quilt – Quilt made from neckties set in a center drysden design with quarter drysden in the corners and bordered with a coordinating fabric. The price includes background fabric, border fabric, backing fabric, batting, binding fabric, necktie stabilizer, thread, labor for tie prep, piecing, quilting and binding.  You supply the ties.

Tie Quilt (front)
Retirement Tie Quilt (front)
Retirement Tie Quilt (front)
Airplane Memorial Tie Quilt (front)
Sooner Necktie Quilt (front)
Sooner Necktie Quilt (front)

44-48 neckties – queen                                                        $1000

48-52 neckties – king                                                            $1250

Pieced necktie backing           additional   $250

Memory Quilt – Quilt made from clothing, pattern to be decided.  The price includes any additional  fabric for the quilt top (background, sashing or border), backing fabric, batting, binding fabric, clothing stabilizer, thread, labor for clothing prep, piecing, quilting and binding. You supply the clothing.   I have made memory quilts from baby clothing, jeans, nursing scrubs, and adult clothing.  Upcharge for detailed piecing beyond setting the quilt with 10 inch to 12 inch blocks.  Price includes edge to edge quilting.  Custom quilting will require an upcharge.

Phala Memory Quilt Green (front)
Dad's Shirts Memory Quilt 2 front
Blue Baby Memory Quilt
Fireworks Memory Quilt front
Scrub Top Quilt

lap quilt – approx. 60″ x 74″                                                  $800

full size – approx. 72″ x 86″                                                  $900

queen size – approx. 84″ x 96″                                              $1000

king size – approx. 96″ x 106″                                             $1200

Crown Royal Quilt – Quilt made from Crown Royal bags.  The price includes any additional fabric for the quilt top (background, sashing or border), backing fabric, batting, binding fabric, stabilizer, thread, labor for bag prep, piecing, quilting and binding.  You supply the bags.  Price includes edge to edge quilting.  Custom quilting will require an upcharge.

Purple Crown Royal (front)
Purple Crown Royal (front)

full size – approx 72″ x 86″                                                  $800

queen size – approx 84″ x 96″                                              $1000

king size – approx 96″ x 106″                                              $1200

Photo Quilt – Quilt made from digitized photos.  The price includes any additional fabric for the quilt top (background, sashing, and/or border), backing fabric, batting, binding fabric, piecing, machine quilting and binding.  Please note that the cost for printing pictures on fabric requires an additional charge to be determined at time of consultation. Price includes custom quilting.

Photo Quilt (close up)
Photo Quilt (close up)

throw – approx 60″ x 74″                                                   $800

full – approx 72″ x 86″                                                        $900

queen – approx 84″ x 96″                                                  $1100

king – approx 96″ x 106″                                                   $1250

Personalized Label  If you would like a personalized label, such as To: ____and From: ____,  I’ll be happy to add one at an additional charge of $25.  Labels are computer generated, embroidered on extra backing fabric or T shirt fabric and attached to the back of your quilt by hand.

Shipping:  – Ideal Stitches covers the first $25 for shipping and handling – shipments outside the continental USA will be charged at actual cost.  I add insurance, tracking and signature confirmation on delivery to each shipment.

Please note that the price includes edge to edge quilting (with the necktie quilt being the exception), custom quilting will require an additional cost to any of the above prices and will be based on my regular custom quilting price minus my regular edge to edge price for the size of your quilt.

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  1. Wow, I absolutely love this! I’m so glad I came across this! My bf passed away in May and I kept some of his clothes because they smell like him and remind me of him. My grief counselor suggested I turn them into a memory quilt. That way, he’ll literally be keeping me warm! Problem is that what little sewing I learned in middle school did not stick. I will be contacting you when I’m ready!

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