Tie Quilt


At last the unveiling of the Tie Quilt.  It came out fabulous!  I used 44 ties, the large end making a circle similar to a Drysden plate in the center of the quilt and the short ends making a fan in each of the corners.  There was an incredible amount of prep work to the ties, including opening the tie up, discarding the inner liner, startching the tie fabric, ironing on fusible interfacing and cutting the tie shape according to a template before sewing the “tie” to the background fabric line an applique.  I set one sewing machine up for a narrow zig zag to stitch the tie fabric to the background and another machine was set up for a 1/4 inch seam to sew the next tie to the previous tie.  The ties I stitched in the ditch using monofilament thread.  The background was quilts with a varigated blue cotton thread in a meander pattern.  The border was crosshatched with a solid poly thread.  I estimate that there is about 55 hours worth of work in this project.  It did take on a life of its own as we discussed a throw quilt or large wall hanging but when it was finished it is queen size.  It will look stunning on a bed!