The Inside Thread—The Next Stitch


If you have been waiting for find out what happened at Ideal Stitches, read on!  So inspiration struck on how to repair the Indian Ceremonial Quilt.  Instead of trying to camouflage the patch, I decided to make it a focal point.  As I pondered the quilt, I discarded many different ideas but I kept returning to an Indian Feather patch.

I found a few feathers in the yard and started experimenting.  I liked the crossed feathers pictured below.


I started working with digitizing a feather design to embroider on black fabric.  I tried to mimic the colors and shape of the feathers I had photographed.



I then decided to make one patch for the hole in the quilt and four others to scatter on the front.  Below is the finished repair with the Indian feather patch in place, the backing repaired and a whole view of the quilt.  I actually ended up liking the quilt so much more with the embellishments applied.

Indian Feathers After Front               Indian Feathers After Back        Indian Feathers Front

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