Marine Quilt


This Marine Quilt has a double story.  This was a surprise gift from a wife for her retired Marine husband.   She would call to make arrangements while walking her dog so that he wouldn’t overhear our phone calls.  The edge to edge design is named “Allegiance” and has both stars and stripes.  The front was quilted in monofilament thread and the back in a gold poly to contrast both the red and blue backing fabrics.

The day I loaded the quilt, I found out that the son of a dear friend of mine was signing his papers to join the Marines.  I never cease to be amazed how the stitches of my life can intertwine with those of the quilts that I am working on.  I was able to reflect on the service of both a veteran and new soldier as I worked on the quilt.

Marine Quilt                 Marine Quilt (back)