My Innova is a TIME MACHINE


I just noticed that my Innova is a time machine!   After Christmas, I quilted a Civil War Quilt with block patterns from the 1860’s.  I then loaded a 1930’s Basket Quilt with actually blocks that were pieced between 1930 and 1934.  This week I quilted a Modern Quilt with a very 2014 modern pieced top and 2014 style modern quilting.  So in two months I have quilted 154 years in time!

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  1. I find myself in Gettysburg Pa. Missing New Mexico greatly. Have done a number of guilted batts with embroidered centers while in NM……will use them for heavy duty bags I think. Also a number of Organ MTS freehands of high altitude flora and fauna. Somehow I haven’t had the heart to do civil war era pieces although I have come across a number of civil war era fabrics. The sad war karma is palpable here. Would love to exchange comparisons of our works.
    P.S…….the ED sucks!!!!! Soooo looking forward to creating for a living.