Bunk Quilts



Bunk Quilt #1

Bunk Quilt #1

Bunk Quilt #2

Bunk Quilt #2

Bunk Quilt #3

Bunk Quilt #3

History of the bunk quilts as written by my customer/friend, Cheryl:

“The 9-patch blocks in this quilt were made by my daughters as summer project in either 2002 or 2003. Many of the fabrics in the quilts are scraps from clothing made for either of the girls.  The quilts were originally made for the triple bunk beds at my parents house and are displayed there in the photo.  The quilt tops were set together by one of the daughters or myself.  The quilting was completed in May 2014 by Debbie Thornton.”

These were fun quilts.  I did edge to edge patterns on each of them but that’s where the similarity ends.   Bunk #1 was a paisley pattern with variegated denim blue colored thread, Bunk #2 was a floral rose pattern in a charcoal blue solid thread and Bunk #3 was bubbles/circles in a teal and purple variegated thread. Each quilt has its own character but carries overall similarities, like siblings do in a family.

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