Resewlutions for New Years


Its a new year for Ideal Stitches!  Time for resewlutions!

I am planning to spring clean the studio and go through everything and declutter and reorganize.  I may have a Sew Sale if my pile to get rid of is large enough.   It also means I will run across those UFO’s that I have hidden and have to make a decision to scrap it or finish it.   My space is finite and I have to use it efficiently and I know I have some items that are just taking up valuable real estate!

It’s also good to see what I have in my inventory.  I know when I went through my quilt patterns before my trip to the Houston Quilt Show it was because I wanted to know what I had so I would not purchase a duplicate but what I found out is that I have enough patterns to make quilts for 3 lifetimes and didn’t need to buy any more patterns.  So that was a money saver!

My other resolution is to make time to put my own quilt tops on the frame, hopefully one a month.   Today I am finishing the binding on my Chillingsworth Skeleton quilt and it will be ready for Halloween 2016.  I know of at least 12 tops in my closet ready to be quilted.  Maybe one a month is too lofty of a goal but even if I could quilt a top and bind it the next month I would start to whittle down my UQO (Un Quilted Objects).

Currently I am  organizing my digital files for my robotic system and setting up a data base and checking the tags in my software.  Very shortly there is going to be a huge upgrade in my robotics software and I want to have everything in order before it hits.

That’s enough to keep me busy in 2016.  What are your resewlutions for 2016?

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