Summer Fun at Ideal Stitches


Nothing could be more fabulous than working at Ideal Stitches!  I just finished teaching a double set of classes this weekend.  In my Longarm Club we went on a virtual tour of all the members studios.   Because my longarm class draws from Belen to Placitas, and also from Edgewood to Rio Rancho, it isn’t feasible to do a tour through all the studios in person.  So we did the next best thing.  Everyone submitted pictures of their studio and I put together a power point presentation.  Actually many said it was better because then they just had to clean their sewing rooms and not their entire house!  We did bring in lots of breakfast food, lowered the lights and away we went.   I finished the presentation with highlights from Paducah.  Don’t be surprised if a few of the pictures show up in my blog!

My book and block class went well but way too fast.  We discussed Jennifer Chiaverini’s novels, Cross Country Quilters and Runaway Quilt.  The class block was a variation on the Odd Fellows Chain and I sent directions for Chicago Pavement for homefun!

Meanwhile back at Ideal Stitches, I have been working diligently to finish the Flip Flop Fun Quilt Top for class later this month.  Can’t wait to take pictures and show you!  And if that isn’t enough, I am in the midst of a super sized king quilt on the frame.  

Stay tuned as next on my stitch list is to upload pictures of recently completed quilts.